The Parks

So today Mommy and Aunt Sarah took me to go explore and try to find a dog park near to the dorms that we can go to from time to time (and every Saturday) so I can run.

The first park we went to was “Schneider’s Community Park”s dog park. Sometimes it’s also called the Veteran’s Park. It seemed really nice, huge size divided fully fenced off-leash zones, trees, benches for Mommy, water for me and the best part? Over by the edge of the parking lot is an area with doggie showers so that I can get any dirt or mud off before getting in the car!! Unfortunately, the dog park is temporarily closed.

The next park we went to was a bit further away. It was the “Canal Fulton Dog Park.” Though, given the season, the water pumps were turned off, there were bowls and a kiddie pool. The areas, though smaller, were size divided and safely fully fenced. It was very muddy, but we’ve had about a week and a half of rain EVERY DAY. I had fun running and playing with forgotten toys. They didn’t have anywhere to clean off, but I didn’t care!! Mommy might have, though. She made me take a shower. There is a nearby muzzle loader range, but it is a bit away and they shoot in the opposite direction, right into a hill! The pops and bangs might scare a skittish dog, but I hardly noticed.

Overall, while the first park seemed nicer and was closer, the second will work until the first reopens.I

The pic is after my shower!


Aspen Theodore

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Hello! It’s me- Aspen. In this blog I’ll be chronicling my adventures living in a college dorm. I love to make new friends so keep an eye out for my social media (when my Mama helps me get it all set up!)